Sunday, March 30, 2008

FLASH: Terrorists now look just like you

So don't trust yourself.

The Occupation

A lot of Iraqis are upside-down.

Zimbabwe washes away the chaff

Most of the time I looked up at the sky, but without focussing it,
for why focus it?
More sorrow.

The Right to Bear Cameras

Unbelievable otherwise.
youtube com/watch?v=Y7NUNwq2MGc
Police suppress evidence, interfere with an investigation, cover-up wrong-doing, unlawful use of authority, obstruct rights-of-way, create a police state, suppress free speech, assault and battery, intimidate, etc...

Friday, March 28, 2008

The All-Mercenary Army

No one is drafted: it is all about inducement.
Professional Army. Volunteer Army. Which is it?

The straw man

The last straw to be grasped at.

Bush's War will end soon

Because the USA is collapsing.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Monday, March 24, 2008

Father Joe

and a comment:
on July 16, 2006 at 9:23 pm3 Omar Muhammad Jackson

Islam is a monotheistic religion that acknowledges the total sovereignty of Almighty God.

President Bush tried to explain that the word, “Islam,” means PEACE. This is true but inadequate. It means SUBMISSION TO GOD. The only way to properly submit to God (Allah) is to become a Muslim.

Muhammad is the “seal of the prophets” and the QUR’AN (our Holy Book) is the completion of the series revelations received by Christians and Jews.

Allah has given us his law and we are obliged to fulfill our duties, the 5 Pillars of Faith:

1. SHAHADA (recitation of creed);

2. SALAT (daily prayer);

3. ZAKAT (almsgiving);

4. SAWM (fasting); and

5. HAJ (pilgrimage).


We pray throughout the day after ablutions for purification: at dawn, midday, midafternoon, sunset and nightfall. We face Mecca when we pray. When possible men pray in a MOSQUE with an IMAM (prayer leader); such is required on Friday (the holy day). The recitation of the Shahada and daily prayer are closely aligned.


During RAMADAN (the ninth month of the Muslim calendar), we fast during the daylight hours in remenbrance of God’s revelation coming to Muhammad.


All Muslims should try to reach the holy city of MECCA at least once. Special rituals are conducted there during the 12th month of the lunar calendar.


As for almsgiving, we give to the poor. In some places a Mosque will tax members and give to the needy in fulfillment of this obligation. This is similar to special collections taken up by churches.

I mention these pillars to give you a needed lesson. Those who follow these practices without compromise are the ones you call vermin. However, the West has lost its soul. Christianity with all its corruptions would leave you in a better state than the godless secularism and materialism that possesses you.

You condemn us but we believe in God. What do you believe in?

Most Christians do not attend their churches and rarely if ever pray. They give to charities when there is a tidy tax-exemption, but otherwise, especially among Republicans, condemn the working poor. How much do you make a year, $50,000, $90,000, more? Do you tithe ten percent or more to your churches, like they ask you? I bet you do not. Your pope preaches peace, but you only listen to him when it is convenient for you. I sometimes think we Muslims take the bishop of Rome more seriously than his own flock!

Abortion is illegal in Muslim countries, can you say the same? No! You murder your own children. A few of our women and children join the martyrs in witnessing for our faith and freedom. And they are driven by no selfish aim, something you cannot claim.

We will not have to fight you in the battlefield. Our seed is already planted in your cities and towns. You have no children and we have dozens. Given time, you will be the minority. The crusaders came and left, and we were still there. The British came and left, and we were still there. And I assure you, when the Jews and the white Americans are long gone, we will still be here.

Who knows, maybe one day instead of a bishop in Rome, we will talk of the Vatican as the home to the world’s chield Imam? France is already ours and America will be the “United Islamic States.” The rest of the world will follow. Then the world will know peace, and all will obey and praise Allah!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Bring our boys home

Send the old men if you must.

Home field advantage

If we don't fight them over there, we will have to fight them over here.
Let's fight them over here.

Our SS

Yes, at some point one begins to compare the other side to the Nazis, and everyone starts to squirm hoping that he notices the warning sign, but isn't there a vague similarity:
a private army, closely held, outside the law, for uses foreign and domestic, doing brutal things to people who are "problems".

Friday, March 21, 2008

Truth, Justice, or the American Way

Professor Sami Al-Arian has entered the nineteenth day of a hunger strike to protest continued government harassment.
Democracy Now.
This is sick.

Arlington, West


Toll nears 4000. What does the family of the lucky winner get?

Nationalization of Bear Stearns

(F)or every dollar of loan money that the Fed put up for Bear Stearns, JPMorgan Chase is putting up less than a penny of capital. see

Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Chocolate War

This is an incomplete picture of the war in Iraq.
War is about brutal killing.
Including children.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Here is your link.

If we are willing to kill Christ

I don't think that we should be given machine guns.


"Initially led by monks, the demonstrations began peacefully on March 10, the anniversary of a failed uprising in 1959 against Chinese rule, and then spiraled out of control."

Yes the invasion of Tibet by the Chinese in 1959 is called a "failed uprising". Hard to believe.

See for yourself, here.

Too late, sorry, the article has been rewritten. The article now omits mention of the anniversary, or the word "monks", and now reads:

"The protests have been the biggest challenge in almost two decades to Chinese rule in Tibet, a Himalayan region that the People's Liberation Army occupied in 1950 after several decades of effective independence."

In 1959, the Dali Lama fled to India. (Wikipedia)

Have you watched the videos?
The site is down a lot it seems, which is sort of good, maybe.
And why is all of this testimony not newsworthy?
Beats me.

Democracy Now! Monday
Democracy Now! Tuesday
Democracy Now! Wednesday

March 19th

Five glorious years.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

We must maintain the zinc standard

Says that wit, Ron Paul, to the suggestion that we change the composition of the nickel, because zinc is too expensive.