Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Catonsville Draft Board 1968

View of the front of the K of C building, 1050 Fredrick Rd.
The draft board was on the second floor.

Saturday, April 05, 2014


You can be held up by a robber with a gun who threatens to kill you if you don't comply, or you can be held up by a system that threatens to starve you. Capitalism began with the industrial counter-revolution, an anti-democratic revolution, the replacement of men, where wage slavery replaced regular slavery. This allowed an illusory advance in social justice which did not produce a parallel economic justice, since the industrialists could write the laws and rent the police.

Why the fox should not guard the hen-house

From Enformable

From national administration to administration, corporations have run roughshod and those who are supposed to protect us from the danger and death these industries cause have regularly not done their jobs. Sometimes the situation is more pronounced as during the Reagan administration—a thoroughly obvious time of foxes guarding henhouses.

Rita LaValle, a PR person for Aerojet General Corp. involved in hazardous waste-dumping and water pollution, who became director of the “Superfund” program; John Todhunter, an opponent of restrictions on pesticides with the chemical industry-financed American Council on Science and Health, who became assistant administrator for pesticides and toxic substances at EPA; Kathleen Bennett, who as a lobbyist for the paper industry fought the Clean Air Act, named assistant EPA administrator for air pollution control programs and supervisor of the Clean Air Act; and on and on.

Throughout the many decades since, government control, regulation, has been surrendered, in part and sometimes entirely, to business interests. This includes not only the food and drug industries but the auto industry, the nuclear industry, now the gas industry for the toxic process called hydraulic fracturing or fracking, and on and on.