Sunday, November 10, 2013

Is God pleased with Israel?

God promised a land to Abraham, and he delivered on that promise.
Then Absalom raised the taxes, and the northern kingdom revolted, becoming the country of Samaria. Jeremiah warned that God was angry at the jews in Judah and would take take that kingdom away too, which He did.

When the UN gave the southern kingdom back, plus the northern kingdom, plus Eilat, they did not ask God if it was His will.
We see this is not working out well, from a human-rights perspective.

Does God want Israel to return into exile?

Remember Kadish Barnea - where the jews were told to go into the land that was prepared for them. Kadish Barnea is south of Bersheeba, but in any case, was not part of the land of Israel.
Joshua went it and came back and said - Nice place. But the others said - too many giants. Nobody wanted to go. So God changed his mind. Then they changed their mind, and did go, despite being told - hey wait. And got beaten up, and had to retreat to wander for 40 years in the Negev. Now they think they own the Negev. They don't.