Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cheney's Secret Energy Task Force

The documents indicate an investigation is needed.
Palast says it was not about oil; it was about money. We don't like some joker messing up the market. We prefer controlling prices.
But Venezuela in '02, remember?, didn't do the trick.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hearings on Guantanamo, 12/2007

Mostly empty chairs.
Looks like Grassley and Leahy, and one other senator.

This American Life - looking for a moral compass

399 Act 3: Malaria injections induce psychotic breaks - GITMO
363 Act 2: Naked short selling. What the SEC is not doing.
357 Act 2: Lawrence Wright. Can you speak Arabic?
356: A look at the DoJ. The Best Terrorists We Could Find
353: Pope George II, speaking ex catheda
292: Lakhani's sandbox
282. DIY - The Justice System
280: In the country of Falluja with the National Guard
260. Act 1: Show trials.
254: Kunar Province
253: Like Palau
251 Act 2: The West Bank
229. The Dark Side of Hose Padilla

Thursday, March 03, 2011

With friends like these

Ms Clinton considers Silvio Berlusconi to be her “best friend
and Uzbek dictator Karimov a very good friend
and deposed Tunisian dictator Ben Ali a very good friend
and Egypt’s murderous dictator Mubarak is a friend as well.

Hey I just thought of somthing