Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Legal Reform

1. Appoint judges
2. Involve judges in plea barganing
3. Tell juries about nullification
4. Sequester juries
5. Fix prosecutorial immunity
6. Allow DNA evidence post-conviction
7. Reform eye-witness identification. We know it's broken
8. Video all police interrogation

Saturday, February 08, 2014

February 7th, 2014, Sentencing at DeWitt

For the October 2013 demonstration at Hancock Air Force Base.

1. After the verdict, the defendants head off to jail on an 15 day sentence, expected to be in jail from today Friday 2/7/2014 to Friday 2/15/2014, at Jamesville.

2. Judge denies that defendants showed a need to act

3. Judge convicts and issues order of protection
[text] "This has to stop." Hence the orders of protection.
Judge Gideon explains his decision, and the orders of protection, as a delicate balance. Don't interfere with the ability of the Pepsi man to restock the pop-machines in a timely fashion with orange Fanta.

Probably our fault that he missed the point that this is an illegal program of assassination, extra judicial killing, summary execution, a high crime, and properly before the judiciary. It is not only a moral issue, but a legal issue, and not only an international crime, but an unconstitutional usurpation of power, and violation of the 5th amendment. If it is done under "war powers", can the Nobel Peace Prize winner and the others in the unitary executive branch kill anyone, anywhere, that they determine, under the theory that we have been invited into a counter-revolutionary struggle by a local tyrant, to kill his people, or people of a like mind in a neighboring country, and that the term "theater of war" includes a busy restaurant in a peaceful neighborhood, or a cafe?
If so, say so, but stop complaining about all the suicide bombers.

4. Excerpts from sentencing statements James Ricks