Thursday, July 28, 2005

2001 energy sources and uses

97 Quadrillion BTUs.
40 Quadrillion BTUs from oil
23 Quadrillion BTUs from coal
24 Quadrillion BTUs from natural gas
10 Quads from Uranium and Hydro
56 Quads lost in conversion
35 Quads productive work done
06 Quads equivalent of oil not used for energy
[original graph by Lawrence Livermore Labs]
If we used oil at the same rate per capita as the Europeans,
we would reduce our imports of oil by 20 Quads or 80%

Of the 27 quads used for transportation, two thirds or 18 quads is used by cars. If we doubled "average" mpg, we would reduce imports by 9 quads or 36%.

The 2004 CAFE standard for the majority of new vehicles is 20.7
The bad people are unlikely to change the CAFE standards anytime soon. But car pooling can be done now. Even a Hummer can get good "passenger miles per gallon" if it has enough passengers.

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