Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The War -or- Free gasoline for everyone

Which do you want?

3 trillion dollars, the cost of the war in dollars
divided by $100 per barrel equals
30 billion barrels, the cost of the war in barrels
divided by 15 million barrels/day,
the daily usage of oil for transportation =
2000 days, the cost of the war in days of gas,
divided by 365 days per year =
5+ years, the cost of the war in years of gasoline

Which is about as long as the war has been going on.

So, we have a choice:
continue the war -or- free gasoline for everyone, from now on!


Benjamin Ady said...

but ... can we dispense with the free gas and get some free health care instead?

Martin said...

Yes, it was only to indicate the order of magnitude.