Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The Boston Tea Party

Why did they dress up as Native Americans?
If it were done today, would they dress up as Chicanos?

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Benjamin Ady said...

Doesn't it depend where? Who's hated/feared in Boston, these days? Do African-Americans rate up there somewhere? Apparently of the racially motivated hate crimes reported in 2005, 68% were triggered by anti-black bias. And 56% of all hate crimes reported in 2005 were motivated by racial bias. So I guess that makes anti-black hate crimes the biggest overall category of hate crimes. Here's an interesting map


Actually, maybe it would be those of Middle Eastern descent. Here's a list of post 9-11 type horrors. We like to try to convince ourselves this shit isn't still happening, but I'm guessing it is: from

In Boston, five women -- Lynn Bowman, 18, Katie O'Dea, 20, Mary Ellen O'Dea, 21, Laura Schneider, 19, and Alina Rakoski, 21, -- were charged with a hate crime after allegedly attacking a woman of Iranian descent.

Three teens were arrested for throwing a Molotov cocktail on the roof of a convenience store. They told police they wanted to "get those Arabs for what they did to us."

A Harvard graduate student was verbally and physically harassed at the Harvard Square T-stop. Police are calling it a hate crime. Several other students have forwarded threatening emails to college deans.

A gas station owned by a Lebanese American was set afire. Police believe a man and woman doused a pump with gas and set it on fire before escaping.

Softballs bearing slogans such as "God Bless America" and "Freedom for all" were thrown through the window of a Greek American's cafe.

A Saudi Arabian student at Boston University was attacked by a group of men when he left a nightclub. He suffered two knife wounds in his arm; a third wound in his back missed his kidneys by four inches.