Sunday, September 28, 2008

Drill, baby, drill

Is downing a six-pack to fix your hangover.


Benjamin Ady said...

I hear that actually works temporarily (never tried it myself). I was raised by teetotalers and came to drinking so late that I still haven't really gotten the hang of getting properly drunk yet.

2 makes me talkative, and 3 makes me really talkative and slightly drowsy. but 4, in too short a time--boom--I simply must go to sleep. Alas.

As to the oil thing, I was raised to be a complete drunkard, and ... alas, mostly still am. Airplane flights on a regular basis, for instance. And I say, "hell, if we're going to bail out wall street for $700 BILLION, then by god, by all means, let's drill, drill here and drill now. And while we're at it, FUCK the arctic national wildlife refuge, and too fucking bad for our great grandchildren."

Martin said...

Fuck the moose, so to speak...
Your comment makes me laugh, which may only show that I am seriously depressed.