Monday, October 13, 2008

Charlie Wilson's War

funds Pakistan's nuclear program.

1974/05: India surprises the west by exploding a nuclear weapon
1975/12: AQ Kahn steals nuclear secrets from the Dutch
1978/04: socialist Revolution in Afghanistan
1979/02: Islamic Revolution in Iran against the Shah
1979/07: Carter authorizes action against Afghanistan
1979/12: USSR invades Afghanistan.
1980/04: Carter's failed rescue of hostages
1980/09: Iraq invades Iran

1982: Charlie sends money to Pakistan to give to the Afghans.
1982/12: Rumsfeld greets Sadaam
1985: US sells 40 F16's to Pakistan as "Peace Gate I & II"
1987: Charlie sends stingers, some of which Pakistan sells
1987: Pakistan detonates an atomic bomb, in China. 1
1988/05: USSR begins to leave Afghanistan
1988: India leases three nuclear subs from USSR
1989: Pakistan modifies the F-16 to carry atomic weapons.

(15 years later)

2004/02: A Q Khan takes the fall and is pardoned.

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Vigilante said...

Say what ever you want, but I think Charlie Wilson and Brzezinski were right and are right. Thanks to Busheney's Iraqi adventure and unfettered capitalism running amok, all we can do and afford in Afghanistan is to pay the mujaheddin to play with the Taliban. Maybe part of Pakistan can be preserved.