Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Iranian Empire, in green

Southern Iraq is a given. Alliance with Kurdish Northern Iraq is a given, to put pressure on Turkey. All of Iraq's oil is gone, and so all of Iraq. Iran's alliance with the country formerly known as Lebanon is a given, and with Gaza. Iran is not a state ruled by mullahs. Khameni, the pope, is no more religious than our 10th century popes were, and is no scholar, and Amhadi-Nejad, the Press Secretary, is from the Revolutionary Guards. Sistani, in Najaf, keeps his head down. Herat is Iranian. Iran could not crush Sadaam by force, so we did it for them, and the Taliban.
Watch our navy base in Bahrain, in the Persian Gulf.
Saudi Arabia is a corrupt failed state waiting to be sliced open.
Northern and Eastern Africa? Available.

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