Friday, April 23, 2010

The Death Shark

"Truthfully, I don't know how this could be called a weaponization of space" explained Col. Gary Payton, Air Force deputy under secretary. This is no more a weaponization of space than the Blue Angels are a weaponization of the atmosphere.

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Benjamin Ady said...

hmmmm. I'm having a hard time following the analogy. The Blue angels are off duty angels of death, which can go back on duty pretty damn quickly

In fact I'm always surprised at the way people turn out and ooh and ahh at the blue angels. It's kind of like eating hamburgers, and really liking them, but choosing to be completely unaware of the death and blood that goes into making a hamburger. The difference being that with hamburgers it's only cow death and blood, whereas with blue angels of death, it's human death and blood. I suspect there is an associated smell, which neither the gawkers nor the pilots ever have to experience. BICBW. (But I suspect I'm not).

How did I get off on all that?