Monday, August 08, 2011

Temple Grandin

has been retained by the Social Security Administration
to design their new processing facilities.


Benjamin Ady said...

You mean Grandin.

Benjamin Ady said...

I hear what you're saying. If they did bring in Grandin and follow her advice, it would all end up working a lot better, methinks. I work with kids with autism, and Temple Grandin rocks rocks rocks.

The U.S. has such a unique scenario--we really can't get away with attempting to model our systems on those of any of the many western nations who do it better, because none of them have the same strange history we have. It's a strange, funny thing.

Martin said...

Yes Grandin, thanks. Corrected.

Kids are great.

The post was alluding to Grandin's work at eliminating the needless provocation of animals at the slaughterhouse.