Sunday, August 19, 2012

The problems with fracking

1. Air pollution
2. Water pollution
3. Land destruction
4. Corruption of government

1. Air Pollution
 *  The fracking fluid is allowed to evaporate
 *  Condensate tank venting is not measured
       These vapors destroy animal(human) habitat
       and add to global warming

2. Water Pollution
 *  Fracking fluid cannot be "cleaned"
 *  Aquafers are made undrinkable by coincidence

3. Land is devastated, like
 *  mountain top removal
 *  Love Canal and dioxin
 *  West Valley nuclear reprocessing
 *  British Columbia tar sands pipeline
 *  and earthquakes

4. Government is corrupted
 *  campaign finance
 *  distortions under oath, like tobacco
 *  misinformation campaigns, like seat-belts
 *  opponents treated as insurgents

some problems are related to any drilling
fracking requires more wells
More, with photos

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