Sunday, December 30, 2012

1980s, Guatemala, Rios Montt

1951, Completes class at the School of the Americas.
1954, participates in the coup of Arbenz.
1970, named Chief of Staff of the Army of Guatemala.
1978, becomes a Pentecostal. Befriends Pat Robertson.
1982, seizes power, backed by the CIA
June 9th, starts the "guns or butter" program.
December, President Reagan says "Ríos Montt is a great man".
Israel sends military aid, and gives military training in Israel.
1983, CIA cable notes bodies are "appearing in ditches"
1999, Clinton apologizes for US support of reign of terror.
1999, Guatemalan government admits massacre at Dos Erres.
2012, Ríos Montt indicted for crimes against humanity

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