Sunday, January 20, 2013

A Metro System for Palestine

The so-called "settlers" drive through Palestine on expressways. The Palestinians do not have expressways; they have only local roads, and need to stop frequently at checkpoints, and have permits. The checkpoints make travel within Palestine difficult, and in the case of medical emergencies, the delays can be life threatening.

This injustice could be fixed; fixed by money.

Naftali Bennett proposes linking the areas, that are now separated by checkpoints, by creating a metro system for Palestine. This should connect Gaza to the West Bank as well. This plan is independent of the further theft of land from Palestine, which is also part of Bennett's plan. YouTube

A community organizer in Gaza has also explored the idea of a subway for Palestine, and has received positive responses from those who have seen it. Reaction on YouTube
Artist's prtfolio of stops here.
System map -

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