Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Constitution follows the flag

If the Constitution does not apply in full at Guantanamo, then on what basis do we decide which parts do apply and which parts don't apply. The government wants to argue that all its rights and powers apply,
but an individual's rights and powers are circumscribed.
Very convenient.

The constitution must follow the flag. If the Constitution is not present, of what purpose is the flag? And where the Constitution is present, the human rights of people are present, must be present. US authority can be challenged by a claim of a conflicting authority, but our law must not bend at the pleasure of our servants.

It should not be thought that the rights found in the Bill of Rights are granted to the people by the Constitution; rather they are rights retained by the people; never the government's to give or withhold, of greater scope than the Constitution, not of lesser. These are the rights of all Englishmen, or now, the rights of all people.

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