Thursday, November 06, 2008

Hang Victory

Let's focus on honor.


Benjamin Ady said...

What does "honor" look like, to you? Because to me, at this point, in a largish generalized sense, honor seems nigh-to-impossible. Of course victory falls into the same category. Alas.

Maybe rather than "honor" or "victory", we should try a little humility. Or something.

That's actually fairly close to impossible too, in the large generalized sense. I mean we're Americans, ya know? [big sigh]

Martin said...

I know. I agree. My thought was that the phrase is a bad formulation to start with. I wanted to tie it back to Mother Teresa's plan of "faithfulness not success". We should always only do what is right, and if we fail, so be it.
Also, secrecy doesn't help.