Thursday, November 27, 2008

Was Jesus gay?

Did He have homosexual feelings?


Martin said...

If acting on a homosexual feeling is always sinful, then the homosexual feeling itself is always a temptation. If it is always a temptation, then for some it is a severe temptation. QED.

Benjamin Ady said...

Indeed, but your premises can certainly be brought into question.

Actually, if your premises are false, then your QED is no longer valid (I'm pretty sure).

What is "sinful"?

to me the idea that Jesus never "sinned" must surely mean something different or better than "He never broke the rules". Surely it has something to do with relating to people. Jesus didn't relate to people in a destructive way?

That last sounds orders of magnitude harder than merely "not sinning".

Can homosexual love, both the cognitive emotional relational thing, and the actual physical act, be done in a (relatively) non-destructive way. By "relatively", I mean in a way that's at least as good as "good" homosexual love? If so, then how is it a "sin"?

"Because _____ says so" just doesn't really work for me anymore. Nor for most (or at least more and more) of western culture.