Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Original Sin

Was it thinking "Am I not God?"
Original and still popular.


Benjamin Ady said...

That story just makes God look like a shit. Which would be fine if he and his followers would just openly admit that he's a bit of a shit sometimes

Martin said...

You use shit as a negative.

Original sin is thought to be the first sin. But Satan's sin was earlier, of pride.

Eve and Adam's sins were copycat, not original: I am an exception.

The two posts on sin are the same.

Benjamin Ady said...

I do use shit as a negative, in this instance. I see I have a judgment. fascinating.

What is the function of judging the belief that one is an exception?

Benjamin Ady said...

ah. I see what you mean about the two posts being the same.

You make me think.

I've written a further response and then reread it and then deleted it 8 times. That's what I mean when I say you make me think.