Thursday, November 03, 2011


Is a sin.
Pride says, you're exceptional.


Benjamin Ady said...

two posts with the word "sin" in them so close together? "Sin" is a generally unhelpful framework, for me. How about you?

Martin said...

For me, sin implies corruption, decay, which to me seems obvious, certainly in myself. The opposite is self-confidence.

It is a reflection of that saying: the neurotic has questions, the psychotic has answers.

Benjamin Ady said...

sin as the opposite of self confidence is nicely put. Works for me. I prefer the self confidence.

I think questions are both possible and delightful without necessary accompanying neurosis. This is related to my belief that it's all make believe--hence questions become about my make believe, or about the other person's make believe, and never about some larger "truth" or reality.