Monday, January 18, 2010

God is pro-abortion

pro-choice, pro-death, let's say. So forget about what "God thinks".

Why is there animosity 30 years after Roe to the rational discussion of the timing of the recognition of personhood.

The demand that the government stay out of a woman's choice contradicts the demand that Roe must not be overturned.
The Supreme Court is the government.


Benjamin Ady said...

I don't see a lot of evidence that "God" cares that much, one way or the other. or maybe I just mean my "God". Whatever that means.

Martin said...

If I can go logical for a moment, if it is true that the Kingdom of God is the inside, any action in the outside world would be "extra-realm" (a miracle), and since evidence is to be found in the outside world, there wouldn't be much.

My argument was not about God of course, but "putting God aside", can't we discuss abortion, and if not, why not?

Also, more generally, what are the topics that one cannot discuss today?

Benjamin Ady said...

I have no topics of which I am currently aware which I cannot discuss, if by "discuss" you mean attempt to ask intelligent questions about. You?