Sunday, January 17, 2010

Does the United States act like a Christian Nation?

If it is, it's an Old Testament kind of Christianity.
Pre-christian, with a tendency to dislike prophets.
The Buddists act like Christians, sort of.
Tibet might be a Christian nation.
Q: What, exactly, is a Christian Nation?
A: A country that has a lot of churches
that some people go to one day a week or so
for one hour, or so
and mostly check out clothing styles.
This approach would also make the US a Mallian Nation.
Maybe even a Pinkian Nation.


Benjamin Ady said...

"Christian nation" is possibly more absurd than "Christian rape"

No wait that's not quite right. Flying fish? Faster than light? I'm still not quite nailing it.

Ah. I got it. "Christian Emperor" (as Obama is supposedly, sort of) yes. exactly. or perhaps "Christian dictator". or even "Christian Political Savior".

Martin said...

Christian gunsight?

Benjamin Ady said...