Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Kingdom of God

is within you.
Inside you, not outside you
Outside you is the Kingdom of Man,
or Satan.


Benjamin Ady said...

Isn't it more like "The kingdom of God is within me, and I'm going to help you get it within you too. At gunpoint, if necessary"? Here's to Jesus rifle scopes.

Keith Giles said...


I think Jesus, in this case, did mean that the Kingdom of God was within - meaning the place where God needs/wants to rule is in our own heart and life.

So, the effective place where God's Kingdom is expressed is in the heart and life of His people.

However, one day the Kingdom of God will be established on the Earth. For now we wait for that final day, but the Kingdom of God is available to us if we allow the King to rule within.