Friday, January 15, 2010

I never knew you

feed my sheep
The point is that people who feel themselves to be good,
to be followers of Christ even, of a sort,
should be aware of what He asked them to do
1. If you love me, keep my commands John 14:15
2. A new command I give you: love one another. John 13:34
Resulting in:
If you love me, love one another.

An example of how these two ideas work in practice, is given in an exchange with Peter. John 21:17
Who are His sheep? I don't believe you can know that.


Benjamin Ady said...

why "ouch". what about "hoorah!"

Martin said...

hahaha. touche.

Benjamin Ady said...

what are you saying? You have to love everybody? That is, you have to act like Jesus? Whatever. Can't we just have our nice, civil, easy, complex, (as opposed to difficult and simple) cultural religionosity?

It always strikes me as incredibly bizarre that Americans Christians in Arizona are spending 40 hours a week carefully building helicopter gunships which are then sold to the Israeli armed forces, whose probably secular Jewish pilots then use them to kill and terrorize Palestinian Christians. And that both ends of this chain of events are currently happening, as I write. And that both the American Christians and the Palestinian Christians may very well be saying the Lord prayer to the Father of Jesus during worship services each Sunday, possibly at the exact same moment. Wierd.